Can SCV Audio Video Help You With Your Conference Room Video?

Conference rooms are unique.  They are different from virtually every other kind of room within a corporate office.  And thus, they demand a very specialized treatment by an experience practitioner.  Here are some of the areas one should keep in mind when it comes to upgrading an existing conference room video setup or launching a brand new conference room. Certainly some of the obvious basics include the overall dimensions of the room itself, the type and shape of the main conference table, the number and type of chairs that will be housed therein, and whether there will be other accouterments … Continue reading

Setting Up Audio/Video In Your Office?

There are so many possibilities when it comes to sprucing up your office’s audio/video.  After all, you probably spend a large portion of your waking hours in your office.  Doesn’t it make sense to outfit your office in such a way that it actually becomes rather cool to be there? How about having your office lighting and temperature controlled from your smart phone?  We can make that a reality! How about making the lighting itself more up-to-date and modernized?  Perhaps your current lighting is bothering your eyes.  Perhaps the color of the lighting is not quite to your liking.  Perhaps … Continue reading

Can SCV Audio Video Help You With Your Bar Business?

So you own a bar/business and you want to keep your clientele happy.  We can help you with that.  Here are some ideas. Remotes.  If you currently have multiple remotes, there is a good chance that your hired staff is going to have trouble keeping straight in their minds which remote is connected to a given component.  In fact, I was in a Mexican Restaurant recently that had a prominent bar and a wonderful buffet.  While I was sitting there in my booth, watching a football game on one of the TV monitors, I noticed a message came on the … Continue reading

How Do Distributed Audio Systems Work?

Distributed Audio Systems, also referred to as Whole House Audio, is a system that allows for the playback of music throughout an entire home or even an entire office building.  These systems come in several different configurations. For instance, sometimes you have the same music being fed through then entire home or building.  Every room is hearing the same music at the same time.  Tech Geeks refer to this structure as Single Source, Single Zone. Another option is to have the sound levels set to different volumes for the various rooms.  This can be helpful because often times a very … Continue reading

What Are Distributed Video Systems?

We like options.  We like choices.  And that applies not just to the many flavors of ice cream available at the typical ice cream parlor, but to how we handle our home entertainment systems. In the beginning, we were brought up thinking that there was one TV per household.  All shows had to be watched from that TV set. Then we found we could afford more than one TV set in the house, and while the parents watched the football game, the children could be entertained with cartoons in the next room. But with Distributed Video Systems, you can be … Continue reading

Audio Calibration: What Does It Mean?

So you’ve gone out and purchased all of the equipment you will need for a home theater system.  Congratulations! But have you calibrated the system? Great sound can only be had in an optimal way when all of the component parts are working together to produce sound as it was intended to be heard.  This doesn’t happen by chance.  It happens by design.  Sound design. Audio Calibration is the process of making micro adjustments in your audio system so that you attain the most pristine sound when you are sitting in the prime location of our surround sound system.  Just … Continue reading

Video Calibration: What Does It Mean?

Every TV is susceptible to some level of color drift, these minute changes in picture sharpness.  The remedy for such changes in sharpness is calibration — or, some would argue, re-calibration.  Think of it as something akin to sharpening your saw, or changing your razor blades in your shaver, or doing a wheel alignment on your tires.  In essence, video calibration is the means we utilize to attain the best possible picture, color, and sharpness of our visual output. If your TV, monitor, or screen (whether it is LCD, Plasma, Projector, or what have you) isn’t giving you the intended … Continue reading

Are You Getting Proper Audio/Video In Your Home?

Just as every home is slightly different, every audio-video need is slightly different.  The following are some of the considerations to account for in order to set up the properly configured audio/video in your home. Type of receiver.  There are two main types: stereo and A/V.  Stereo is probably familiar to you.  Think two separate speaker channels operating at the same time.  These work wonderfully for smaller rooms like dens, smaller bedrooms, and the like.  A/V receivers are the nerve center of a home theater, and they are meant to provide surround sound, which is fuller than stereo. Type of … Continue reading

A Note on Surround Sound Systems

There are a lot of ways to spruce up your home these days: granite counter tops in the kitchen; a patio cover; a deck; a sunken tub with jets.  But one of the improvements that give homeowners a surreal experience is a new surround sound system. Surround sound systems take stereo to an entirely new level: it’s the difference between traveling to your in-laws 400 miles away and traveling to the tropics!  In fact, many people testify that having a surround sound system in their home is a better bet than going to the best movie theaters in town.  The … Continue reading

Advantages of Sound Bars

So you’ve purchased a new flat-screen, hi-end TV and have had it mounted beautifully on your wall.  Great!  Then you turn the thing on, and sit back in your plush sofa to watch a movie or a football game.  And to your shock, the sound quality is, shall we say, underwhelming. Common problem.  What’s going on?  Well, it’s simple: the speakers in most TVs are small, inadequate, and often aimed in the wrong direction.  Since a big part of the television experience is audio, you could be short-changing yourself on what could have been a wonderful experience. Advantages of Sound … Continue reading

High Definition TV: What Does It Mean?

Living in a culture that seems to prefer initials over actual words, we usually see this concept written as HD, as in HDTV for High Definition TV. So what is meant by High-Definition, or Hi-Def for short? It’s simply a way of differentiating the number of pixels from what would be considered low to high.  Low-Def means fewer pixels, and hi-def means more pixels.  More than what?  Well, that’s the rub: “Hi-Def” is, by definition (no pun intended) a relative term, lacking the precision inherent in other terms that measure resolution (e.g., 4K, 8K, etc).  It can mean several different … Continue reading

4K TV: What Does It Mean?

A common question I hear has to do with the concept of “4K TV” — what is it?  Simple.  4K refers to 4000, and that number is in reference to the resolution of your television set.  Current, 4K is considered fairly high-end (although it’s not the highest.)  Specifically, it refers to the horizontal resolution of roughly 4000 pixels that most newer TVs attain.  Note that I said “roughly”: it can be as low as 3840 or as high as 4096. Some typical questions I also hear include: How does 4K resolution compare to what we get on a DVD movie?  … Continue reading

Why build a conference room in your business?

Home Theater Installation

Should I build a conference room in my business? Unless you’re an office, where conferences are most likely to happen, you may not be considering the idea of building a conference room. While this is understandable, there are definitely good reasons why you might want to consider adding one. Conference rooms mean that business mixers may be drawn to your business. If you are a restaurant, or possible venue, you may be able to create additional business during your off-hours by dedicating a room to conferences and private parties. This possibility opens you up to being a venue, and if … Continue reading

Is it worth buying a 4K TV for your business?

Home Theater Installation

Should I buy a 4K TV for my business? You may be considering getting your hands on a brand new 4K TV for your business. After all, it always pays to stay ahead of the curve tech-wise right? Maybe, but here are some things you might want to consider. 4K TVs may not cost as much as they used to, but they still might be unnecessary depending on the environment of your business. For example, if you are a sports bar and are running the same game throughout the bar, it may be worth your time to purchase the biggest … Continue reading

Building an atmosphere in your restaurant

Home Theater Installation

Building a good atmosphere Atmosphere in a restaurant is one of the most important factors that brings repeat customers. The food can be great and the service could be great, but if the atmosphere is not great, your customer will notice. The feeling a place gives away, whether consciously or subconsciously is what a customer will remember when they are thinking about whether or not they want to return for a meal. Atmosphere can be built in several ways, and depending on your brand you will want to consider the best atmosphere for you. For example, if you are a … Continue reading

What are the benefits of having a Wall Mounted TV?

Home Theater Installation

 Having a Wall Mounted TV Saves Space When your TV is mounted on the wall, that means one less piece of furniture, meaning more space in your business or restaurant, and a cleaner looking location. One Less Piece of Furniture, Means Less Cost When you have your TV mounted on the wall, that means you don’t have to purchase expensive furniture which takes up space, empties your wallet, and generally doesn’t make anything easier for you. Not to mention the back-breaking labor of carrying that massive thing inside. Of course, no reason can beat saving a minimum of $300 for … Continue reading

Why installing large HDTVs in your business is a good idea

Home Theater Installation

HDTV Home Theater Systems are now a Standard for Most Businesses When you go out of your house, especially for dinner, you run a pretty good chance of seeing a large HDTV Screen hanging from the wall at any given establishment. This is because most good establishments have come to the realization that installing HDTVs hanging from their walls is a modern standard for any business that customers come to. This is especially the case for food establishments, where people like to watch sports, but it’s the case for other businesses too, like doctor’s offices and car washes where a … Continue reading

Why installing a surveillance system is important

Home Theater Installation

It is important to protect your business with a surveillance system Some might consider a good surveillance system an unnecessary expense, but when it comes to securing your business can you really afford not to? In recent years, urban and suburban areas have become an increasing target for criminals looking for an easy target. A decent security system surveillance system can cost between $300 – $500 on average. Security cameras are cheaper than getting robbed This pales in comparison to the potential $2000 or more worth of loss or damage if a burglar decides that your business is an easy … Continue reading

Should you Install a Wall Mounted TV

Home Theater Installation

Why should you mount your TV? When it comes to mounting your TV onto a wall, it’s not hard to overlook the benefits and see the process as purely aesthetic, but in reality, it is probably the most practical improvement you can make on your home theater. A Wall Mounted TV creates space Not only does mounting your TV to the wall and hiding all the wires and components leave your living room looking clean and comfortable, but it also frees up a lot of space by eliminating the need for a TV stand to hold your TV. That means … Continue reading

What are the benefits of Outdoor Speaker Systems?

Home Theater Installation

How can an outdoor speaker system benefit your business? If you’ve ever taken a speaker outside to listen to music you may notice that the outdoors isn’t exactly speaker friendly. Background noise, high gusts, and no walls or roof to keep your audio where it should be often spoil otherwise enjoyable atmosphere generated for your guests. If you find this to be a common problem, investing in outdoor speakers may be worthwhile. Fortunately most outdoor speakers are built with these factors in mind, allowing for the optimal outdoor audio experience. It’s important to invest in quality a outdoor speaker system Bringing … Continue reading

Hiding your tangled wires and components from sight.

Home Theater Installation

SCV Audio Video is known for the services we provide. One of the most prominent of those services is making your A/V setup a clean, integrated process. SCV Audio Video is no stranger to the sore sight of tangled wires, which really affects the atmosphere of your business and so we make sure of one thing:                 When we install your TV, you’ll never have to see a tangled mess of wires. Cleanliness is extremely important when it comes to a businesses image. At SCV Audio Video we understand that we’re dealing with rooms that your guests will be spending … Continue reading

What is an RTI In-Wall Universal Remote Control?

Home Theater Installation

What is an RTI In-Wall Universal Remote Control? An RTI In-Wall Universal Remote Control is a completely customizable universal remote control that is installed in your wall for easy access. Much like a handheld RTI Universal Remote Control would do the In-Wall Universal Remote Control allows you to seamlessly integrate and control various utilities throughout your location. What makes the In-Wall Universal Remote so special? The RTI In-Wall Universal Remote control is very easily programmable and become a controller practically any feature you could imagine throughout your entire location. That includes your lights, thermostat, television consoles, HDTVs, security systems, cameras, and even … Continue reading

RTI Universal Remotes — Worth It?

What is an RTI remote? RTI remotes are made by Remote Technologies Inc. and can be utilized for audio, video, lighting needs, and more. They do not sell directly to the public, so their products must be purchased through a licensed distributor. RTI universal remotes are beneficial because it allows for using one remote for virtually everything—HDTV,DVD, audio, lighting, even security! With a universal remote, the need for various remotes for different devices is eliminated, so you won’t have to worry about confusion involving mixing up multiple remotes. RTI’s can be installed within your walls or wirelessly. They can also … Continue reading

Which Surveillance System is Right for You?

Home Theater Installation

Professional Surveillance Systems When it comes to security, it’s really not difficult to understand why you need to protect your business. With the statistics for burglary going through the roof in recent years, it is very important to protect your assets from harm. But how do you know which security system is right for you? SCV Audio Video has some recommendations for picking the right system for you. Don’t go cheap When it comes to security, you should never mess around with cheap options that cut corners, cheap surveillance systems do not properly protect you from burglary and threats to … Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Try Cutting Corners With Cheap Cables

Home Theater Installation

HDTV Cables Explained Do not use standard definition cables with a high definition display. Your video may work, but the cables will only support standard definition, and not HD. This means you shouldn’t use composite cables or s-video cables. HDTV cables can be in both analog and digital format. Usually, this will be either a video component, or RGB cable. Why You Shouldn’t Try Cutting Corners With Cheap Cables When you are purchasing analog HDTV cables, make sure that they are sweep-tested. You will want something tested to be at 75 ohms, within the smallest margin possible.  Avoid buying cables … Continue reading

IR vs. RF Remotes – What’s the Difference?

Home Theater Installation

IR vs. RF Remotes – What’s the Difference? There are two main types of remote controls—IR (Infrared) and RF (Radio Frequency). This article will explain the pros and cons of each type, and help you decide which remote choice is right for you. IR Remotes IR remotes must be pointed directly at the devices you are trying to control. These remotes will not perform correctly unless there are no obstructions between the remote and its device. IR remotes have a performance range of about 30 feet and are currently more commonplace than RF remotes—mostly because of their cheaper costs. Consider … Continue reading

Digital Watchdog DVR Surveillance Cameras

SCV Audio Video offers high quality security install for Digital Watchdog DVR surveillance cameras. Currently, SCV Audio Video carries 4-channel and 16-channel (4-camera and 16-camera) systems. Keep your business safe with Digital Watchdog DVR surveillance! DW-SPECTRUM (4 Channel) Digital Watchdog’s DW-Spectrum is a great option for standard home or office security. Intuitive User Interface 1080P HD Resolution Multiple Search Options Dual Stream Recording Panic Recording Automatic Device Discovery & Display DW-PRO-9816 (16 Channel) Intuitive User Interface Real Time Audio Video Recording Automatic Video Backup Pan/Tilt/Zoom Abilities Two-Way Audio Remote Operated E-mail Services 20 Terabyte Storage Capacity The DW-PRO-9816 is an … Continue reading

What to Look for When You Buy AV Equipment Online

What to Look for When You Buy AV Equipment Online In today’s world, making purchases online is the new norm. The need for driving to a store to purchase audio and video goods is long gone now that you can purchase AV equipment simply with the click of a button. Although purchasing AV equipment online is convenient, the following are some things to look for and watch out for as you make your purchase. Warranty and Return Policy Since your products are an investment, research product warranties and return policies in case you encounter a faulty or defective product. Make … Continue reading

Why you should Hire an AV Technician vs. Electrician

Home Theater Installation

Some people contract electricians to do audio/video installations, but it’s better to go with someone who specializes in A/V installation. AV Technicians Can Act as Electricians, but Not Necessarily the Other Way Around… While some electricians may know how to wire A/V components, they may not be familiar with A/V equipment past installation—you’ll want someone experienced in home theater installation who can help you bring out the whole “home theater” effect. SCV Audio Video offers not only audio and video services, but lighting and security installation as well. SCV Audio Video can take care of all of your various needs … Continue reading

Choosing the Right HDTV Size for Your Location

Home Theater Installation

Now that you’ve chosen the right HDTV screen type for yourself, one question you might be asking is, “What size TV should I get?” Some things to consider when determining what HDTV size to purchase are budget, room size, and seating area. The average person sits about 9′ away from their screen when watching TV. If this fits your viewing habits, it is recommended using a screen size of 46″ or larger. Additionally, THX recommends using a television screen that occupies 40° of your vision’s field. You’ll get the best viewing experience by sitting centered in front of your HDTV. … Continue reading

Why to hire HDTV installation services

The process of purchasing an HDTV can eat up a lot of time and effort. Between measuring the walls, deciding the right type of TV you want, figuring out placement, and making sure the TV is placed at a level that your customers can see it (as well as various screen types,) before purchasing the best HDTV to fit your needs, simply picking out the right TV for your location can be a time-consuming task. A business owner should be spending that time doing business, not deciding details like that. The setup for a new TV can become a hassle … Continue reading

Which HDTV is Right for You – Plasma, LCD or LED?

Home Theater Installation

Installing the right HDTV for your business can make a big difference. Figuring out which type of HDTV to purchase can be confusing. Here is a run-down on the different types of HDTV’s out there. This article will help you choose which one fits your personal needs. Plasma Plasma TV’s are a better option for large displays (over 42”). They are a better choice for locations with soft light, and generally feature more vibrant color settings than LCD displays. Keep in mind that because of their size, Plasma HDTV’s are often thicker and heavier than LED displays. Think of choosing … Continue reading

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